Access Control

“Imagine being able to access control your building without the need for expensive wiring”

Traditional systems require mains power and cabling to link them together, which is expensive and generally results in only a few doors in a building being access controlled.

The Salto system however, uses a combination of standalone battery powered handle sets and hard wired on-line wall readers, which offer unrivalled flexibility, and means that more doors within the building can be access controlled for a fraction of the cost. The Salto system allows the access control system to grow within a building, as standard key operated locks can easily be removed and replaced with a handle set or a Geo cylinder.

The handle sets are available in a variety of finishes and are a far more attractive solution for providing access control, as unlike traditional systems, a green break glass, red break glass and push button are not required.

This makes them ideal for use on student bedrooms, army barracks, offices, classrooms and hotel bedrooms.