Aspex Security is a separate division of Aspex UK, and we employ our own highly trained engineers who can install a full range of automatic door operators, including low energy or fully automatic swing door operators and sliding door systems.


Our engineers have been fully trained by the manufacturers, and all of our installations are carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS7036 and  EN 16005.

Automatic doors were traditionally installed only on main entrance doors. However, the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act, BS8300 and the requirements of Building Regulations has resulted in the widespread use of them on internal doors.

BS8300, Building Regulations Part M in England and Wales and Section 3 in Scotland, state that the force required to open a door should not exceed 30N between 0 and 30 degrees, and should be less than 22.5N between 30 and 60 degrees.

It is almost impossible to meet this requirement on external doors, as a standard closer when adjusted to comply will not have sufficient power to close the door, and increasingly, automatic door operators are seen as an ideal solution for internal doors.

This is especially true in elderly people’s accommodation and special needs schools, where the door is often a barrier to free movement around the building.